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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Buds of May - Artist Profile: Prairie Sky Creations

Prairie Sky Creations by Laurie Walton

My name is Laurie Walton and I am the co-founder of JewelleryWon. I am a metal/glass/jewellery artist and I love to play with colour combinations and shapes, just like the different colours and shapes in the sky. My jewellery creations incorporate my metalwork, my handmade glass beads, my etching and my enamelling.

In 2013, I become a Juried Member of the Saskatchewan Craft Council. My jewellery is availableat Traditions Handcraft Gallery (2714 13 Ave, Regina, SK).

Recently, I have shifted my focus to creating exclusively designed jewellery that reflects the personality and uniqueness of each person who is the inspiration for the piece. I love to work with people, getting to know more about them, their interests and their personalities in order to create something that is uniquely for them and about them. A lot of care, thought, artistry and skill goes into each one-of-a-kind Inspired piece of jewellery. 

Buds of May - Artist Profile: EllJay Design

EllJay Design by Laura Steadman

I was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan.  I have been interested in arts and crafts all of my life.  I have done cross stitch, petit point, Hardanger embroidery, crochet, painting, origami, as well as designed and made teddy bears.  I love working with my hands.

I became interested in jewellery when my step-father took a class at the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre  here in Regina and I was fascinated by the things he made. Years later, as a gift, my mother signed me up for the same class.  I was instantly hooked!!  It always amazes me how a simple piece of sheet silver or wire can be transformed by applying a seemingly endless range of techniques into something beautiful and wearable!  Shortly after that, I began taking Lampwork classes to learn to make my own glass beads.

I have taken most of the jewellery and Lampwork classes offered at the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre and I will continue to take classes and work in my studio to see where my ideas can take me!

Buds of May - Artist Profile: Linda Olson Designs

Linda Olson Designs

Linda Olson is from Regina, Saskatchewan. She began her beading career by making jewellery for herself. Soon her friends began commissioning individual pieces and by 2007 her hobby became her vocation. Each piece of jewellery is created from stone, crystal, metal and glass beads she has sourced from around the globe. Although Linda's beading prowess is primarily self-taught, she is a member of "Amigas Jewels" which is a group of creative ladies in Ajijic, Mexico that is dedicated to sharing their knowledge and skills. Linda's goal is to provide distinctive jewellery at affordable prices.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Buds of May - Artist Profile: Jewellery by Joanne

Jewellery by Joanne

Tansi, my name is Joanne Pelletier and I am a retired teacher, currently living in the village of Lebret.  I have been an avid beader for over 30 years and started making jewelry after participating in a workshop on making quill and seed bead earrings.  This motivated me to learn more about beaded jewelry and, using how-to-bead books, was soon was making necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  The first time I attended BeadExpo in Santa Fe, I was inspired by the sheer volume and variety of gemstone, pearl and designer beads.  I also discovered the benefits of on-line shopping, which makes the high end supplies that I use in my jewellery, readily available.  I began by selling to family, friends and colleagues, but now that I am retired, I am able to make my hobby a full time job.  One of the things I enjoy most about designing and making jewelry is the excitement and joy of seeing the pieces come together, resulting in a distinctive and wearable piece of art.  My jewellery is for that woman that truly enjoys a lot of bling!!

Buds of May - Artist Profile: My Heart Beads & Silver

My Heart Beads & Silver - by Nadia Danyliuk

Nadia is inspired by creativity, perseverance, and nature. Her jewelry is original and organic, charming cool and classy. Her heart beads are glossy and alluring.

Nadia finds designing and creating jewelry to be therapeutic, relaxing and mind stimulating.

Buds of May - Artist Profile: Magic Web Glass and Jewellery Designs

Magic Web Glass and Jewellery Designs by Elaine Gohlke

My need to create has taken many forms, through various media, but my greatest fascination has always been with glass: the vivid colours; the variety of textures; the way it comes to life and sparkles in the light. Unfortunately, rising three very active boys was not conducive to using glass as a creative outlet, but eventually the boys grew into men and risk management became less of an issue. It became safer to work with stained glass and mosaics, leading to classes in lampworking. Creating with glass became my "meditation" and relaxation of choice, with the obvious next step of jewellery classes and the merging of glass with metal. 

Jewellery is for all occasions and it's up to you how and when you wear it. Each person sees things differently. Keeping this in mind, my designs are simple and somewhat organic, with a focus on texture, shape and colour. Silver, copper, titanium and niobium creations will often include my handmade glass beads and cabachons. No two pieces are identical, but one can be made to include your special view.

Buds of May - Artist Profile: Fran Zerr

Fran Zerr has been interested in art since she was a small child.  Her mother always encouraged her.  She painted and sculpted whenever she could.  Now that she can pursue her art full time, she is busy painting and sculpting large masks and has even found time to start a jewellery collection of small porcelain cameos.  They are called “Be Your Authentic Self”. 

There are over 15 designs in this collection so far.  An original piece is sculpted in clay or other materials, and then cast in a mould.  From there Fran pours in the finest porcelain and paints each one a little differently to make each unique.  Once the piece is fired, Fran adds sterling silver earrings and Swarovski crystals. 

Each piece has a name.  Once you hold one, you will see how wonderful they feel, like a smooth  stone.  They are available at Traditions or from Fran, call 306-789-5321 visit her website for a glimpse, www.franzerrartist.com or email info@franzerrartist.com. for more info.

Buds of May - Artist Profile: STONEWENCH

STONEWENCH by Maria Hendrika

Creating jewellery is my “hands on” creative passion outside of my day-work which is my other passion.  After winning a beading kit at a local fundraising event a number of years ago, I became a regular student at the Neil Balkwill Arts Centre.  I continue to take classes and enjoy working with others, sharing ideas and learning new techniques. 

I work in sterling silver and copper and I love incorporating semi-precious stones and enamelled metals into my designs.  I find that inspiration can come from anywhere - nature, architecture or the colours and textures of everyday items. 

I am delighted to offer one of a kind wearable works of art to my customers.  

Buds of May - Artist Profile: Surrayah's Jewels

Surrayah's Jewels

My name is Elaine Gill and I’ve lived in Moose Jaw all my life. I started making jewellery about 10 years ago when I won a strand of gemstone beads. It was love at first sight and there has been no turning back!

I started simply stringing; learning things as I proceeded, picking up new ideas, techniques and awesome new supplies!

I love working with gemstones in as many ways as I can…with wire, seed beads and incorporating them into other designs! There is something very special about handling these stones. It is the stones that inspire me.

I have tried a lot of different techniques but there are many more I’d love to try….time permitting!

I’ve been asked many times where the name ‘Surrayah’ came from and the answer to that is that it is a stage name used by me years back when I was Belly Dancing. I loved the name so much that I kept it. At that time I was making costumes with all of the sparkle that is Dance and this love for all things colourful and shiny has spilled over into my jewellery making….a natural progression, I think!

I’d say that my style is very eclectic because I have tried so many things but I find that creating something special with the earth’s gemstones to be very peaceful and calming.

Buds of May - Artist Profile: Debbie Lee Jewellery Designs

Debbie Lee Jewellery Designs 

Debbie has been creating a line of hand crafted jewellery for over thirty-years.  Born and raised in Regina, she creates her works using sterling silver, copper, brass, semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystal.

She has had formal training in metalsmithing and it has now become a full-time passion and career.

Debbie believes "if you can find your passion in your work, then every day becomes a new adventure."

Buds of May - Artist Profile: Roxanne Brown Jewellery

Roxanne Brown was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan and grew up in a family of creative people. Roxanne has been an accomplished seamstress for her adult life with an eye and enthusiasm for tasteful embellishment and accessories. Over the past 6 years Roxanne has also applied her accumulated skill and artistry to creating jewellery. Through artistically combining handcrafted Lampwork glass beads of other independent artists from around the world, semi-precious stones swarovski crystals and other high quality components; Roxanne creates original pieces that surprise and inspire. Roxanne also applies her skills to creating one-of-a-kind accent purses and scarves. Roxanne's creations come together under the label of Roxanne Brown Jewellery. 

Over the past 8 years she has worked as lead seamstress with Dean Renwick Design Studio and as of November 2012 she has left the Design Studio to further her jewellery business on a full-time basis. Roxanne will continue to refine her skills and look for new directions to express her imagination.

Buds of May - Artist Profile: Myrna Allan

Jewellery Handcrafted by Myrna Allan

I was raised in a small town in South West Saskatchewan.  Following graduation I moved to Regina to work with the provincial government.  I have always enjoyed creating different things with my hands, however, that was put on hold when I was deeply entrenched in work life.  When I retired I knew that I wanted to do something creative once again, so I enrolled in jewellery courses at Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre.  For the past eight years I have continued to learn and improve my skills.  I incorporate many of these acquired techniques and skills into my own jewellery designs.

Characteristically, my jewellery is colourful, petite and delicate.  Each piece is unique, demonstrating simple line and form and no two are exactly the same.  I apply many silversmithing techniques using sterling silver, copper, brass, titanium and niobium to design and create my jewellery.  I have always loved colour and I enjoy experimenting and producing many colours which I incorporate into my designs.

Throughout the time spent at the studio I have met many wonderful people.  It’s been a great way to be creative and socialize at the same time. The social aspect of meeting other creative people is just what I wanted to fulfill my retirement.

I hope you will enjoy wearing my jewellery as much as I enjoy making and designing the one of a kind pieces.

Buds of May - Artist Profile: K & B Jewelry

K & B Jewelry by Kelly Welder and Brenda Crawford 

We both have a love for jewelry so this mother-daughter duo started K & B Jewelry, located in Regina. We love to sit down and see what new pieces we can design. We use the finest quality materials to create our designs. Our aim is to keep our jewelry reasonably priced so all women can wear some bling every day. We hope wearing our jewelry will bring a little happiness to your day!

Buds of May - Artist Profile: Chicsations Jewelery Design

Chicsations Jewelery Design by Holly Ripplinger

I am from Regina and I love working with crystals. I have taken a variety of classes and I'm now expanding into the metal arts with classes at the Neil Balkwill Centre.

My jewelery can be described as 'Timeless and Elegant'.

6th Annual Buds of May

Wow! It's hard to believe but this will be our sixth year hosting The Buds of May. This year the sale will be on Saturday, May 2, 2015 from 10 am- 5 pm at the Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre at 2900 - 13th Avenue, Regina.

This year we are introducing 4 new artists to JewelleryWon:

Elaine Gohlke
Nadia Danyliuk
Fran Zerr
Danine Schlosser

Welcome ladies! We are so glad to have you in our show!

For a sneak peek at some of the jewellery you'll see at the Buds of May, check out our promo video on Youtube.