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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Acceptable level of Chaos...

Ok, so maybe 3 jewellery classes is a little much. It's chaotic! Actually, the classes are great and I'm enjoying each one very much...the chaos comes with getting a sitter and making sure that I have what I need for each class, not to mention getting there somewhat close to on time! Deep breath...

My design class constists of some interesting excersises for seeing shapes in different places. Looking at scribbled lines, organic things (plants, fossils, etc.) and man-made things. My designs for that one came from some Art Deco architecture and a 1961 Mercury Montclair. I will post some pictures just as soon as my new computer arrives and, of course when I get the pieces finished.

My bead class is great. I love learning new things. It's wonderful to see the bead come from a rod of glass passed through the flame and transformed. I just need to learn a bit of patience so my beads are centred....
Pics coming soon....see above! ;)

Jewellery project is great too. I am getting a bunch of my pieces finished. I also love the people that go to these classes. It's great to see all the interesting ideas that everyone comes up with.
That's all for now. Hopefully by next time, my computer will be here and I will have more interesting things to share!

Laura (EllJay Design)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Foils and Follies

Here are my beads (my foils):

This is my *cough* plaid bead.

My daughter calls this my "Easter Island" fish. This is the bead that was supposed to be a hollow bead with a heart in it.

This is my second attempt at the hollow bead with a heart in it.

This bead DID turn out. :o) I am making this into a piece of jewellery for a friend's birthday present.

PSC (Prairie Sky Creations)

P.S. Keep creating!