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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm Ready 'n' Rarin' To Go LOL

My jewellery bench is all set up now and my beadwork table is finally all cleared off, so already to get started. I've been 2 two of my lampwork classes and a studio session so I have some more of my beads to work with.

So far on my ToDo list:

  1. An order for a silver pair of earrings and possible pendant
  2. Bracelet with one of my own beads for a birthday gift
  3. A whole whackload of ideas to start
My lampwork teacher was kind enough to find me some tips on that Marmorin glass (incidentally I ended up with grey (blah!) beads) so I'm going to try again next class.

I'm also trying to make some Valentinish beads. I thought I would try to make a hollow bead with a heart inside. Well first try was, let's say interesting. When you see the end product you'd NEVER guess that is what I was trying for. I'll post a pic once it's annealed.

Second try worked, except my heart ended up sticking to the inside of my hollow bead so I'm not sure how "heartlike" it will appear. We'll have to see. I'm going to try again next class, too.

I tried out my Roadmap Millefiori, too. I think I like it better encased. I need to work with it a bit to get it to look how I want, though.

I DID end up with a bead that worked out how I wanted. :o)

Keep creating!

PSC (Prairie Sky Creations)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yay! My Glass Order Arrived!

I'm excited to try some of the new colours I got. One that looks really interesting is Marmoran. It is a grey rod (I know that doesn't sound promising from reading my previous post, but this one looks interesting). It looks like it has red in it for a sort of swirly red-orangey look in it once it is heated up. I looked up Marmoran or Marmorin. What the heck is that? The closest I could fine was the latin word Marmora which means marble, so I'm guessing that is the idea behind this colour. I'm really looking forward to trying it out.

I got a lot of purples and greens and some of those metallic type colours. I also got Vanilla Ice which is supposed to look like those white marble sculptures. I'm looking forward to playing with my new stuff!

Keep creating!

PSC (Prairie Sky Creations)

White Eats Everything!

One thing about me is that I tend to try things that are difficult. I am also very "determined" (a nicer word than "stubborn"). I don't give up easily. Maybe it's just my competetive side, who knows.

The other night at lampwork class I got the wonderfully creative idea of making a plaid patterned bead. I have this grey glass that I've never used and never even had any inkling to use. What do you do with grey glass? So this idea comes to me to make a plaid bead--grey with white stripes and skinny black stripes and skinny red stripes and sort of a diagonal black-white stripe. I've never seen a plaid bead before (gee, I wonder why).

I made this grey tube bead and I randomly placed my white stripes using a white stringer (the store-bought kind...my mistake....these are too thick), my skinny black stringer (that I pulled), my skinny red stringer (that I pulled) and my black and white twisty (that I made). Another thing about me is I like everything symmetrical or at least balanced so placing stripes randomly is not necessarily an easy thing.

So I heat it all up to melt these stringers in. They melt in all right, all the way into the white. It swallowed everything up. You can't even see the grey bead any more. The twisty shows in places because it is made up of white as well. So note to self: White Eats Everything!

PSC (Prairie Sky Creations)

P.S. I'll post a pic of the bead once it is annealed.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Greetings from EllJay Design!

This is my first blog post so if I tend to ramble a bit, please bear with me!
I have been doing silver work for about 2 years now and have found it to be one of the most rewarding creative endevours I have ever undertaken...I love it!

I didn't get much done before Christmas as I spent most of the month of December sick. I have been getting back into it this month and trying out some new ideas. I will be posting some pictures in the near future.

I am very excited because I am starting 3 new jewellery classes this week. I am taking a lampwork (level 1) class, a project class and a design class. I had my first class on Tuesday afternoon (project) and it went really well and I'm really happy to be back at it. This weekend I will start the other two. Hopefully between the three classes, I will be able to come up with some unique new stuff!

In February and March I will be teaching a class at BeadPlus (Golden Mile Shopping Centre) on fusing fine silver rings. I have never taught anything before (outside the military, a former occupation of mine) so it should be interesting. I am very excited about it. If you are interested in this class, check out the class schedule at BeadPlus.

I guess that's it for now. See you next time!
Laura (EllJay Design)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Getting Started for Spring!

Got a flood of colour blend ideas the other night. Starting glass class this week and I've just worked out my order for glass. I'll be putting that in tomorrow. Need to figure out what to order for metal, but will wait until we have our Jewellery Won meeting this week so we can combine orders if possible. :o)

Still working on my workspace area. It is a bit of a chore to stay motivated to clean, clean, clean!

I'm planning to try one of my ideas with foldformed copper. I hope it works out!

Egads! I just checked the price of silver and it is higher than it's ever been when I've put in an order. Would be nice if it went down when we are ready to order!

Keep creating! :o)

PSC (Prairie Sky Creations)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Has anyone seen my mojo?

That's right. I've lost it! I know it's here somewhere, I'm either too lazy to look for it or it's disappeared entirely.

I need something to inspire me. What, I'm not sure. I have been so lazy since the holidays. Sometimes I think taking a hiatus from crafting of any sort would be a good idea. I sometimes drive myself a little crazy thinking about all the things I'd like to make...jotting down ideas as they flash through my head. Sadly, if I made even one quarter of what I think about making, I'd be well on my way. But to what exactly? Where exactly is it I'd like to be?

Someone once told me that I could never stop because it's just how I am. I have this tremendous drive to build things. To create something with my hands. Sometimes I think the problem is I just haven't found the right thing. I admire people that do know. I envy them!

When I first started to make my Charming Betties, I was obsessed. I'd say up till all hours of the morning, painting, gluing and soldering...like some mad scientist hovered over his bunson burner. I couldn't stop making them. I was sure this was the thing I was meant to do. I might still feel that way if I could have seen the same enthusiasm in the people around me. Oh, don't get me wrong. Everyone "said" they loved them...people still tell me they do. They just don't buy them. The interest I had hoped for isn't there. Is it wrong for me to give up? Should I try harder? Do I need to find a new market?

Things to think about. Either way, there's something else looming at the back of my mind, so if not Charming Betties...definitely something else....


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Prairie Sky Creations first post.......

Just working on getting a workspace so I can solder in the house during the winter. The garage is quite cold :oS. I've managed to find a corner to work in so now am just trying to clean it up. I'm hoping to apply to the Saskatchewn Craft Council this spring, so I would like to get some new pieces prepared to submit with my application.

I haven't done much since our show in November. I've done some quick assembly stuff for Christmas gifts but that's about it. I've had some new ideas rattling around in my head but haven't had any time to jot them down. Hope I can remember them later! LOL

A jewellery store was closing out and selling not only their jewellery at discount but also their display items as well so I picked up some of those. My daughter, the artist, is going to help me organize my new display. Another project! LOL Currently she is working on a video so I'll have to wait until she is finished.

Till next time,

PSC (Prairie Sky Creations)


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Post!

Welcome to our spanking new blog! We are a four-some of creative minds, sharing our passion for jewellery design. We met while enrolled in a jewellery class at a local art centre and have become good friends with a shared interest and investment in our art. Our dream here is to share with you our individual styles as well as our thoughts and inspirations.

Much much more to come!