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Monday, December 6, 2010

JewelleryWon was Asked to be a Part of Christmas Art Galore!

The Art Gallery of Regina invited JewelleryWon to participate in their annual Christmas Art Galore! show and sale with numerous other guilds from the area. The show boasted beautiful paintings, pottery and other fine art including jewellery. JewelleryWon was represented by EllJay Design (Laura Steadman), Sub Rosa Designs (Hayley Erza), D.P. Creations (David Peters), Myrna Allan Jewellery, Deb Potter, and (PSC) Laurie Walton.

Thanks to Myrna Allan for all the work she did, helping to set up and take down!! Thanks, Myrna!!

Keep Creating! ( PSC)

Friday, November 12, 2010



joni originals

Shauna Mitru

Prairie Pixels

pinkfire designs

Teresa Moxley

Myrna Allan Jewellery

Deb Potter

D & D Treasures: Jewellery

Sub Rosa Designs

EllJay Design

Prairie Sky Creations

Beyond Sight Jewellery
D.P. Creations

Colette  Blampied Jewellery

Charming Betties

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sparkle! - Fourteenth Artist is Prairie Pixels

Warren Mitru started out his love with photography back in high school taking some of the year book pictures. He enjoys taking photographs of nature, architecture and vehicles. He loves to enhance his work digitally - often exaggerating colors or distorting the background. Warren is self taught and does all the matting and framing himself. He has taken some workshops at the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre and with local photographer Brent Parkin.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sparkle! - Thirteenth Artist is Teresa Moxley

Teresa Moxley,
I have been creating things since I was a teenager when I knit my first sweater. I have done macramé (that’s dating me), pottery, painting in oils, acrylics and water colour, sewing and making teddy bears from old fur coats. I was introduced to silver clay 3 years ago and fell in love with the possibilities this venue has to offer. I took a 3-day workshop and began creating my own jewellery. My main focus has been on pendants and earrings, although I have made rings and bracelets. In the near future I would like to get busy with ring making once again.

Sparkle! - Twelfth Artist is Did-it Designs

Cheryl Krett
Did-it Designs

In early school report cards, teachers would write, “Encourage her in art; she shows great potential.” Thankfully, I have been able to enjoy a lifetime of creating art and crafts of all sorts, which have sold in local stores and the McKenzie Art Gallery. I am a relative newcomer to the art of jewellery-making, having received instruction on bracelet-making from a co-worker only a year ago. My husband is pretty happy with my new venture, as jewellery-making takes up way less room in our home than my Christmas craft supplies!

Since making my first bracelet, I have added earrings and necklaces to my repertoire. I am fascinated by the ability to put together one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces using glass, semi-precious stones, wood and metal. Colour and texture inspire my creations and I would define my style as “eclectic.” As I experiment with new materials and techniques, I find my work is evolving to new levels. My desire is to create pieces that evoke a positive emotional response from every wearer. I hope you will find as much joy in wearing my jewellery as I do in making it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sparkle! - Eleventh Artist is Shauna Mitru

Shauna Mitru is a self taught flamework artist that creates each piece of jewellery by hand herself, from the beads to the silver work. Her work is playful and reflects the joy she feels in plying her trade. She teaches bead making classes and is the open studio instructor at the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre in Regina.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sparkle! - Tenth Artist is Prairie Sky Creations

I love colours and rocks and things that are different! I try to create pieces that bring out the best of the materials I use. I find the prairie sky so inspiring because it can be so colourful and HUGE.

I am an artist who currently specializes handmade jewelry, silverwork, lampwork beads, and other accessories. The materials I use are Sterling silver, copper, my own lampwork glass beads, semi-precious stones, crystals and other metals. I am also a member of JewelleryWon.

My lampwork beads are available at Beadplus and my jewellery can be viewed at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=14973363743&v=photos&ref=ts

Sparkle! - Ninth Artist is EllJay Design

EllJay Design by Laura Steadman

I have been involved in arts and crafts of all sorts for most of my life. I love working with my hands and have done cross stitch, Hardanger embroidery, crochet, Origami, designed and made teddy bears, painting, and other things too.

Years ago, my step-father took a jewellery class and I was impressed by the things he made. I wanted to take the class too but put it off for a long long time. When I finally took the class I was instantly hooked! I am continually fascinated by the way a piece of metal can be transformed through many different techniques into something beautiful and wearable. I have spent the last two years setting up my own studio and taking classes. I work primarily with Sterling silver but will sometimes use copper and semi-precious stones and beads. I have recently begun teaching a small class that involves fusing fine (.999) silver into a ring. I was born and raised in Regina where I will continue to take classes and work on designing and creating new and unique pieces of jewellery.

Sparkle! - Eighth Artist is Charming Betties

I'm Brenda. It's my mom, Betty, who is the inspiration and name behind my Charming Betties. It started with a picture of her in her mid twenties…peeking from the window of my dad’s car (I wish I could tell what kind of car it was, but I haven’t a clue!). That was one of my first charms and to say she was anything but tickled pink to wear herself on a chain would be a big lie. Today she’s as beautiful, vibrant, and definitely as unique as she was back then!

I’m a self taught artist, though like many of us I still have trouble calling myself an artist...I prefer to think of myself as having a creative mind that just won’t stop thinking of new ideas! I’m always willing to learn and explore new possibilities. I love old things...slightly worn... pre-loved... and often quirky and I'm happy to have found a medium where I can recycle these in combination with new items to create something totally unique, fun, happy... and whimsical too! These days I’m dabbling in some metalwork, inspired by a couple of jewellery classes I attended. Even here, I tend to look for the worn and battered. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m working on something new…be it collaging a bettie, hammering a piece of silver or throwing a ball of clay (yes I’m trying that as well), I can’t imagine I’ll ever stop!

Sparkle! - Seventh Artist is Beyond Sight

Summer Hartzfeld - Beyond Sight Custom Jewelry

Summer Hartzfeld has been blind since infancy but that hasn't stopped her from crafting beautiful pieces of jewelry. She lives with her Guide dog, Lake, who helps her get about the city. She joined the Regina Farmer's Market in 1997. Lake and Summer make their way to the market by bus, with Summer carrying all her cases in a back pack. She designed her cases herself and had them made by a local craftsperson.

Summer chooses her pieces by shape and texture, rather than by colour. She prefers to work with natural material such as semi-precious stones, sterling silver, and shells. Summer crafts all her own wire components from sterling silver wire. By touch she is able to make perfect loops and swirls. She can feel the smallest inclusion in a stone and can frequently tell the type of stone by its feel.

“I start playing with the beads, feeling each one, and figuring what shapes it will go with. I choose my stones carefully. My hands are my eyes. For colour I have to rely on the description by my sighted friends. Majority rules when it comes to colour, as everyone seems to have their own way of describing it. I think the stones show how amazing God's Creation is.”

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sparkle! - Sixth Artist is D.P. Creations

My name is David Peters and I am the artist behind D.P. Creations Jewellery and Design. I was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan but now live in Grand Coulee just 8 minutes outside of Regina.

As I grew up my mom was a great inspiration to my affinity for jewellery because, as I always say, "her hands made Liberace's look bare".

My love of jewellery led me to work in retail jewellery stores such as Birks, Paris Jewellers, and Ben Moss. Over these years I began to explore silver smithing and produced simple pieces for family and friends. After being in the retail industry I longed for more unique jewellery, rather than just cookie cutter designs, so I decided to explore my own designs believing that other people might feel the same.

I do find that my jewellery designs still have a classic style, mimicking the type of pieces I knew from the retail industry, but I am more readily exploring my artistic side as my confidence and knowledge of working with jewellery grows. My favourite type of jewellery I create is "Melts" - molten metals flowed of sterling or gold which create one-off designs and patterns. My favourite melt to date, I have dubbed "Ode to the Grinch" due to the old man's face I see in the sterling. I accented the "Grinch" with 14K yellow gold bezels and almandine garnets to create a lovely pendant. I love big heavy pieces but as of late, I find myself experimenting more with finer pieces such as filigree designs and forever my daunting nemesis - earrings!

I have always believed that education is fundamental to any endeavor, so I started with a few courses at the Neil Balkwill Centre. I went on to complete a certificate of Jewellery Design and Repair from Ashworth College (with Honours). Now I am happily venturing out into the Art Festival scene as D.P. Creations to explore and share my love of jewellery with others.

I find inspiration for my jewellery designs both in the past and modern trends. I try to weave the old and new together to create pieces that hold a classic edge yet be fashionable enough for today's consumer.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sparkle! - Fifth Artist is Sub Rosa Designs

My love of creating things probably stemmed from watching Mr. Dressup's crafts on television when I was only a few years old. All through my childhood, I was flitting from one craft to another, until I stumbled on chainmaille shortly after high school. I was immediately hooked and have been weaving tiny rings ever since.

Originating thousands of years ago, chainmaille has evolved from primarily a protective use, to having many decorative and useful applications. I use both ancient and modern patterns (called weaves) to create fluid and intricate pieces of art and jewelry. With the pleasing weight of solid metal, but the slinkiness of silk, chainmaille makes wonderfully tactile pieces of jewelry that will last a lifetime.

I work with a variety of metals, from the hypoallergenic and vividly coloured niobium, to the traditional sterling and goldfill. I also love to incorporate various precious and semi-precious stones.

I was one of  the featured artists at Art Central, a visual arts complex that aspires to be the axis of the visual art scene in Calgary.


My pieces can be found at Mysteria Gallery in Regina (http://www.mysteria.ca/)
Collage Gallery in Calgary (http://www.collagegallery.ca/) and G&G's Gallery in Watrous.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Sparkle! - Fourth Artist is D & D Treasures: Jewellery

D & D Treasures: Jewellery, Debb Parent, has been creating a line of hand crafted jewellery for approximately ten years. She creates her works using Swarovski Crystal, sterling silver and semi-precious stones. Debb firmly believes in the holistic properties that stones possess lending not only to their natural beauty, but also to their properties that lend to healthier lifestyles. Ms. Parent’s D & D Treasures: Jewellery line can be found at her BeadsPlus location, or by contacting Debb personally.

D & D Treasures: Jewellery can be viewed at


Sparkle! - Third Artist is Colette Blampied Jewellery

Colette Blampied

I began making jewellery about 5 or 6 years ago when some friends asked me to be in a craft sale they were putting on. At first I said no, because I didn't make anything, but they convinced me to make jewellery...because, after all, I had taken 1 class on how to make beaded necklaces.

So it started with beads, then moved on to whatever else I could find that I liked to make interesting jewellery. When the opportunity to work with stainless steel came along I took it and have been working with it ever since. I like the fact that it doesn't rust or tarnish.

My jewellery consists of simple yet modern designs with geometric shapes and sometimes features
other elements if I find them interesting. I have sold my jewellery for the last 2 years at Bazaart and a few other craft sales. It gives me a creative outlet to pursue in my spare time.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sparkle! - Second Artist is pinkfire designs!

Keri White
Pinkfire Designs

I am a very lucky girl making a handmade life! My name is Keri White and I live in Swift Current, Saskatchewan with my husband and three daughters.

I am a jewelry designer with a passion (obsession) for gemstones, vintage finds, exotic woods, metal and any other materials I can get my hands on! I love fashion and find that jewelry adds such personality to dressing. I like most styles depending on my mood. It may be chunky and funky one day and delicate and feminine the next. I guess that explains my huge assortment of beads!! Currently I have a real thing for vintage. I think it is because there is such unique shapes and detail in them. Plus, it is fun hunting for something unique and rare and re-creating a modern piece out of it.

You can see my work on Facebook under my page "pinkfiredesigns" and I am working on a website www.pinkfiredesigns.ca

I sell my work at various shops across Saskatchewan and recently in British Columbia. Through my Etsy shop I have had the joy of working with customers across the globe!

Come visit me on Twitter and/or Facebook for sneak peeks, shop updates, and secret sales!

Sparkle! - First Artist is joni originals!

Joan Pederson

Owner, joni originals--Creative Jewellery
Regina, Saskatchewan

I’ve always loved stones and used to collect them as a child. I started designing jewellery as a therapy about five years ago after my parents had passed away. Through self-teaching and help from friends I learned more about semi-precious stones and sterling silver. After I lost my job, I started spending more time on my jewellery, attending Bead Shows for wholesalers in Tucson, Arizona, and looking for opportunities to sell--beyond my network of friends and relatives!
I’m always looking for unique stones, different colors and shapes. I also look for other metals as an alternative to sterling silver. My goal is to make each jewellery piece unique … no two the same. I may use similar stones but the designs are all different. I look for stones that are not common to Saskatchewan.

Although I use semi-precious stones, I strive to keep my costs down and my prices reasonable so that they are affordable for everyone.

Sparkle! - A JewelleryWon Christmas Show

You'll find a variety of wearable art and other gift items, all created by Saskatchewan artists. With a wide selection of styles and items you are sure to find something for that special gift! Come check out Sparkle!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Congrats to Melody Armstrong!

Congrats to Melody Armstrong for her Eternalism Choker featured in the Nov 2010 issue of Art Jewelry Magazine! That's so awesome! Check it out on Page 44.

Next Show Nov 6, 2010!

Our next show is Nov 6! Same place, larger room! Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

And the winners are.....

The two winners of the door prize draw are:

Jessie Yee - winner of a pair of earrings from EllJay Design

Sarah Durr - winner of a pair of earrings from Prairie Sky Creations


Harvest Hues, Great Show, Great Day!

Another successful show! Over 150 people were treated to a huge variety of jewellery. Thanks to all of our artists! We had a great time!

And a HUGE Thank You to Debb Parent of D & D Treasures: Jewellery (and Beadplus!) for ALL of her help!

pinkfire designs

Sub Rosa Design


joni originals

Marni LuHu Designs

 The Finishing Touch


EllJay Design

 D.P. Creations

 Prairie Sky Creations

D & D Treasures: Jewellery