Creativity Expressed Through Adornment

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Another Great Show!

Despite the cold weather and all the Grey Cup festivities around the city, JewelleryWon's 4th Annual Sparkle! had a great turnout. It was a real pleasure to spend the day with fellow jewellery artists and so much creativity on display. Thanks to all of our artists and to all of our guests.

Looking forward to next year's shows!!

Judy Zawacki - Adornment

David Peters - DP Creations

Tara Garratt - Rock'n

Janine Hamilton - J9 Design

Deb Potter

Debbie Lee Jewellery Designs

Colette Schlamp

Myrna Allan

Joanne Pelletier

Teresa Moxley

Laura Steadman - EllJay Design

Maria Hendrika - STONEWENCH

Laurie Walton - Prairie Sky Creations

Joan Pederson - joni originals

Monday, November 18, 2013

Sparkle! Artist Profile: Joanne Pelletier

Joanne has been an avid jewellery maker for over 30 years and started making jewelry after participating in a workshop on quill and seed bead earrings.  This inspired her to learn more about beaded jewelry and, using how-to-bead books, was soon was making necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  She soon discovered the benefits of on-line shopping, making the high end supplies including gemstones, sterling silver and art glass that she uses in her jewelry, readily available.  One of the things she enjoys most about designing and making jewelry is the excitement and joy of seeing the pieces come together, resulting in a wearable piece of art.   Joanne says her jewelry is for that woman that truly enjoys a lot of bling!!        

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sparkle! Artist Profile: Prairie Sky Creations by Laurie WaltonF

I am an artist who currently specializes handmade jewelry and other accessories using metals such as Sterling silver, copper, brass and titanium, my own handmade lampwork glass beads, semi-precious stones, crystals and other materials I find interesting.

For 5 years I lived at the West coast but I returned to my prairie home where I find inspiration in my big colourful prairie sky. I also love rocks and things that are different! I try to create pieces that bring out the best of the materials I use.

I am also a founding member of JewelleryWon. I love encouraging fellow artists in their craft.


Sparkle! Artist Profile: Debbie Lee Jewellery Designs

JewelleryWon is pleased to welcome Debbie Lee Jewellery Designs to Sparkle!

Debbie loves to design jewellery because the creativity is endless! It is very relaxing and rewarding!


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sparkle! Artist Profile: STONEWENCH by Maria Hendrika

Creating jewellery is my hands on creative passion outside of my day-work which is my other passion.  After winning a beading kit at a local fundraising event a number of years ago, I became a regular student at the Neil Balkwill Arts Centre.  I continue to take classes and enjoy working with others, sharing ideas and learning new techniques. 

I work in sterling silver and copper and I love incorporating semi-precious stones and enamelled metals into my designs.  I find that inspiration can come from anywhere - nature, architecture or the colours and textures of everyday items. 

I work under the name of STONEWENCH and I am delighted to offer one of a kind wearable works of art to my customers.  


Sparkle! Artist Profile: DP Creations Jewellery and Design


My name is David Danial Peters and I am the artist behind DP Creations Jewellery and Design. Though Regina born, I now live in Grand Coulee, a mere 10 min west of Regina (towards Moose Jaw). I have been around jewellery for much of my life as my mom led me shopping from one jewellery store to another. As I always say… her hands made Liberace’s look bare! Naturally I became just as enamored with jewellery as she was. 

I have worked at Birks, Paris Jewellers, and I was in management at  Ben Moss Jewellers. Over the years I tired of the cookie cutter designs from “Production” stores and decided I could create unique jewellery! I started my jewellery schooling at the Neil Balkwill Centre taking Jewellery Classes 1 and 2 along with Enameling and Casting . As continual learning and education is important to me, I applied and was accepted to the Ashworth College’s  Jewellery Design and Repair course, a one year course, which I completed in seven months with honors. After receiving my Certificate from Ashworth, I start creating unique pieces of jewellery for family, friends, and vending at the local Arts and Crafts shows. I have been learning, growing and evolving my own unique style of Jewellery ever since.

I create a mixed variety of jewellery styles. I endeavor to be unique and artistic, but my years in the industry are echoed in my more production-oriented pieces. I work mostly in Sterling Silver, but am not opposed to working in Gold! I also work with Copper and a bit of brass. I love to use gemstones and always try to stay true to the quality of true natural gemstones, yet I do use Lab created ( grown crystals) in order to provide my customers with a wide variety of colours and more unique types of stones while still keeping within a reasonable cost.
If asked what inspires me I would have to say everything and nothing all in one. I seem to find some inspiration in nature and how natural things evolve as in my “Melt” pendants but I also love the rigid shapes and mechanical designs of our modernist society. I do treasure historic and antique styles which also echo in my creations.

The thing I most like about designing jewellery is that each person’s perspectives of what jewellery is, or should be like, is different. Therefore I can create jewellery how I see it, with hopes of connecting it with a like-minded person. This way I do not limit my designs by pre-existing views!



Friday, November 15, 2013

Sparkle! Artist Profile: Rock'n by Tara Garratt

Tara creates unique jewellery pieces from rocks, many of which she collects and prepares herself.

"I am inspired by the rocks themselves. When I see a rock I want to bring out its beauty so that everyone can see the same thing I see when I look at it. The part I enjoy the most about jewellery designing is when people say, 'I had no idea that regular stones could look so pretty!' "

Sparkle! Artist Profile: Myrna Allan


Jewellery handcrafted by Myrna Allan

I was raised in a small town in South West Saskatchewan.  Following graduation I moved to Regina to work with the provincial government.  I have always enjoyed creating different things with my hands, however, that was put on hold when I was deeply entrenched in work life.  When I retired I knew that I wanted to do something creative once again, so I enrolled in jewellery courses at Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre.  For the past six years I have continued to learn and improve my skills.  I incorporate many of these acquired techniques and skills into my own Jewellery designs.

Characteristically, my Jewellery is colourful, petite and delicate.  Each piece is unique, demonstrating simple line and form and no two are exactly the same.  I apply many of the silversmithing techniques using sterling silver, copper, brass, titanium and niobium to design and create my Jewellery.  I have always loved colour and I enjoy experimenting and producing many colours which I incorporate into my designs.

Throughout the time at the studio I have met many wonderful people.  It’s been a great way to be creative and socialize at the same time. The social aspect of meeting other creative people is just what I wanted to fulfill my retirement.

I hope you will enjoy wearing my Jewellery as much as I enjoy making and designing the one of a kind pieces.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sparkle! Artist Profile: J9 Design, Art by Janine

My name is Janine Hamilton. I am the creator of J9 Design, Art by Janine. I currently live in Regina, SK. I started creating jewellery a little over a year ago when I picked up a book on wirewrapping. From there I have completed the first two levels of jewellery making classes at the Neil Balkwill Centre in Regina, under the instruction of Melody Armstrong.

My jewellery has an organic/ natural look. It is beautiful, yet functional. You can wear it at a special occasion or with a pair of jeans and flannel shirt. Some pieces may look delicate but all are made to withstand everyday life and little grabbing fingers. 

You can find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/J9DesignbyJanine or on my website at www.j9design.ca .